How You Can Access More Job Opportunities

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The economy and employment rate has made significant improvement lately, now standing at just fewer than 8 percent. That doesn’t mean it’s always easy to find jobs though, especially in your area of expertise or that pay a living wage. You can find ways to access more job opportunities though by expanding your skills or expanding your search to include jobs that require multiple languages, security cleared jobs or seeking more training.

Multiple Languages

We live in a global society where English isn’t always the dominant language. Many companies must conduct business in multiple languages. Other companies work specifically with certain markets like China, Germany or Japan.

Additionally, the need for interpreters in a variety of settings including the medical field, education and law enforcement is a growing industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates this industry will grow by 42 percent this decade, faster than most other industries.

It turns out being bilingual could also lead to bigger opportunities. A recent study found that 31 percent of executives speak at least two languages. You can pick up a second language by returning to school to bolster your native language or revisit a language you might have learned in high school.

Access More Job Opportunities

Acquire New Skills

Another great way to access more jobs is by acquiring new skill sets, particularly in demand skills. The Bureau of Labor Statistics regularly publishes a report on the fastest growing job markets. You can use this report to decide what kind of training to seek.

For example, the health care industry is the fastest growing job sector right now including registered nurses, home health aides and personal care aides.

The job market may sometimes look bleak, especially for those currently unemployed or unhappy with their jobs. But great careers are waiting for you if you know how to access the best job opportunities.

Security Cleared Jobs

Another way to access more jobs in today’s market is through jobs requiring security clearance. Where other job markets have fallen, this market has actually increased. It includes jobs with U.S. defense contractors, agencies working with the Department of Homeland Security and other government contractors.

These jobs must be filled by U.S. citizens and employees are often needed immediately so people with clearance, especially top secret clearance, can easily find more job opportunities than other job seekers. You can obtain security clearance through the Defense Security Service department. If you already have clearance, use a cleared job seeking website devoted specifically to this job market.

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