Advice for Studying an MBA

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You may have recently found out that you’ve been accepted on the MBA programme you applied for. Here’s some advice before you start on your exciting journey:

Make the most of your time studying atUniversity.

Adequate preparation for lectures and seminars, taking notes and participating in seminars, taking advantage of your lecturers’ access hours and conducting independent study are all great ways of exploring the topics of your MBA in more detail. You’ll gain an advanced understanding of all the topics you’re studying, as well as developing your own ideas.

Gain transferrable skills.

You’ll learn and develop many transferrable skills whilst studying for your MBA London.Organising and analysing data, developing numeracy skills, enhancing written communication of complex arguments and ideas, and developing independent learning are some of the skills you can learn through studying a MBA. Make use of your time studying to develop these skills so you can implement them in your future career.

Explore all of the knowledge on offer.

You will be exposed to vast amounts of knowledge and critical understanding in relation to business and management, so it’s important to take all that you learn on board whilst developing your own perspective and understanding. This can help you gain a better understanding of current developments in the business environment which can help you in your future career. Questioning and critiquing the ideas you learn on your course will also help you reach your own conclusions and develop the ability to solve complex business problems.

Be aware of the difference between undergraduate dissertations and those expected at Master’s level.

A Master’s dissertation requires a more critical and considered explanation of ideas and theories than undergraduate dissertations. A dissertation at this level also requires a broad review of relevant literature. An awareness of these differences will help you feel more prepared for your course and understand what is expected of you.

If you will be starting your MBA London soon or are looking to apply, these tips will help you get the most out of your time studying.

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