5 Tips to Re-Discover Yourself during Recession

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Recession kills. Suddenly you are out of the job, bills start accumulating, relations could get strained, savings start to deplete and you are left frustrated. Members in a middle class household cannot afford to lose jobs. As we say, there is a good and bad to everything. When you are out of job during recession, it could be a good time to re-discover yourself.

5  Tips to Re-Discover Yourself during Recession

Here you go:

Pen Down your Thoughts

Writing is a great stress reliever. You do not need to have any specific writing skills, just the desire to pen down your thoughts.

Note down your feelings. Are you disappointed? Are you frustrated? Are you under pressure? How are you searching for new jobs? There will a gamut of thoughts and emotions coursing through you. Don’t ignore. Don’t let your mind go blank. Acknowledge the inner turmoil and let it out on the paper.

You need not share them with anyone. Keep them locked in a drawer.

Analyze your Professional Life

Getting laid off during recession can turn into a time to do reconnaissance of your professional life. You are probably in your late-twenties or nearing forties. Think about your career choices. Were they worth it? Did they pay off in the end? Would it have been better to choose another career?

Remember not to feel self pity. That’s not the point. It’s a way to recap where you started from and where you have reached. Did you achieve 5-year or 10-year career goals? If not, what can be done to achieve it now?

Also think whether you want to return to the same career or do something new. Would pursuing that long lost hobby be more engaging than going back to the same old career?

Utilize this time period to think of the choices you made. Think positively.

Time to Unwind. Take off on a Vacation

Jobs will come and go but the time you have now will not return again, ever. There is no use wallowing in self pity. Instead, use this time to unwind. Either with family or alone, it’s time to be adventurous and take that vacation you had been postponing because of work commitments.

This is one of the best ways to re-discover your persona all over again. Of course, you need money too. Just let yourself loose and go with the flow. Losing jobs blows away one’s confidence and motivation level, but you need to move on. Search for newer pastures, newer opportunities.

Check your Financial Status

So you have worked hard for the past decade, but, how are you placed financially? Financial well being is part of existence, don’t ignore it. Also, being jobless is no reason to squander away that safety nest egg.

Do a review of your financial status. Is there enough life insurance coverage? How are those mutual funds holding up?

If jobs are hard to come by and you are in need of cash, maybe you could liquidate some part of those investments.

Alternatively, if you are in poor financial condition, it’s time to prepare a 3-year achievable plan.

Prepare a Bucket List

A ‘bucket list’ is a list of things you want to accomplish but never got the time. This will be the right time to review the list or write a new bucket list.

Include everything you want to achieve in life. It could be as simple as having dinner at 7-star hotel to taking a world trip in the next 10 years. The possibilities are limitless. Use your imagination.


Let not recession de-motivate you. Instead, utilize the time to reinvent, re-discover yourself. Bring about changes in your life. Getting laid off could become one of the best things that ever happened to you.

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